grant Faq

Do you accept unsolicited applications? The Foundation only accepts applications at the invitation of a program officer. Initial grant inquiries should be directed here: Contact SFF.

Do you only fund organizations based in the North Lawndale community? The majority of our grantees are located in the North Lawndale community; however, we occasionally make grants to city or national organizations for projects that serve the North Lawndale community.

Do you provide general operating support or must we apply for specific project funds? We provide both general operating support and project support. You should discuss the type of funding you need with the program officer.

Do you make program-related investments? We generally fund projects, but will consider request for program-related investments, primarily for community development and social enterprise projects.

What are your application deadlines and how long does it take from the time I apply until the decision is made whether to fund it?

If you have general questions regarding our guidelines or the application process, please contact Anjali Alva, Grants Manager, by email ( or phone (312) 235-4539.

Because it is hard to predict the flow of grant applications for any given board meeting, we cannot guarantee that the application will be scheduled for review at the first board meeting that follows the deadline. Your program officer will be able to provide a detailed time line for the decision making process once the proposal is received and reviewed.

Is there a maximum size for grants? No. The grant award amount depends on how strong of a fit the proposed work is to the Foundation's program priorities and the scope of the project. Please ask the program officer for guidance in determining the size of your request.

What type of reporting is required after a grant has been approved? The number and frequency of grant reports are dependent on the project and time frame for the grant. Grant reporting requirements are clearly outlined in the Grant Agreement document when the grant is awarded.